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Cancer Clinic Management and Survivorship Portal

For cancer care institutions that have unsustainable patient and survivorship populations, MindMerge combines intuitive patient workflow management with integrated patient access to help streamline internal operations and transition patients back to the community

Patient Empowerment Portal

MindMerge isn’t just another patient portal.

We help set up meaningful patient interactions through a web/mobile interface by providing transparent updates to the patient based on changes within their clinical status. Not only does this empower the patient with useful education and timely information, but it also activates them to play a role in their treatment and survivorship care.

Cancer Clinic Management

MindMerge takes best practices from NAPBC and ASCO and embeds it into an easy-to-use interface.

Whether you are an established cancer management institution, or a regional hospital looking to stand up a centralized intake clinic, MindMerge can be used to establish and embed excellent patient management through an integrated, web application.

Transition to Primary Care

MindMerge automatically builds a story around each patient simply as clinicians/administrators do their day-to-day activities.

This story can be shared as a patient journey with patients and their family physician along with relevant education specific to that patient’s diagnosis, helping increase patient self-management and empowering GPs to play a central role in cancer management following active treatment.

Regional Coordination

MindMerge transforms what it means to be a regional cancer centre.

Its patient management interface can be shared securely with clinics, hospitals and institutions throughout a region to coordinate cancer care from screening to survivorship; this helps reduce duplicate patient administration, expedite referrals during active treatment and reduce the risk of patients falling between the cracks in their many transitions.

Operational Savings

MindMerge delivers benefits for cancer centres by leveraging every aspect of clinical patient management to drive meaningful clinical alerts, patient portal education and reporting.

Unlike other solutions, we place a strong emphasis on leveraging automation and integration throughout our application to dramatically improve the effectiveness of each of your team.

Regulatory and
Performance Reporting

Extensive workflow optimization and automation through MindMerge goes beyond operational efficiencies, it also provides an opportunity for your clinic to automate their regulatory, administrative and billing reporting. Our interactive reporting module lets you drill down on your clinic operations to better understand patient flow, identify bottlenecks and drive insights to increase clinic efficiency.

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