Cancer and Chronic Disease Management

Patient Journey Tracking

Improve your organization’s ability to manage even the most complex chronic disease cases, easily tracking your patients throughout their unique treatment journeys
  • Facilitate your multi-person clinical team
  • Coordinate hundreds of patients simultaneously
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use screen
Set Tasks and Appointments
Track tasks through a combined list of checklist items for each patient using one central interface
Circle of Care Management
Manage and view all healthcare providers caring for a patient, facilitating collaborative and coordinated care
Patient Management
Follow patient progress through clinical workflows and navigate patients between pre-defined states across their entire treatment journey
Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences

MCC Session Management

Streamline the administration and documentation of your organization’s Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences (MCC) with MindMerge’s MCC Round Console
  • Facilitate inter- professional collaboration between clinicians
  • Seamlessly enter clinical data in real-time
  • Customize fields to capture the patient information you require
Collaborative Clinical Review
Collaboratively discuss and review patients cases and determine treatment plans during MCC rounds
Manage Clinical Documents
Upload and manage files, medical images, and pictures for discussion during MCC rounds
Clinical Workup
Input patient information prior to an MCC and document discussion, decisions and next steps throughout the session
Mobile Access for Patients and Caregivers

Patient Empowerment Portal

Inform and empower your patients to play an active role in their chronic disease management, with MindMerge’s Patient Empowerment Portal
  • Provide patients with visibility into their treatment journey
  • Facilitates smoother transition of care between clinicians
  • Provide tools to help patients play a more active role in their care
Transition Care Plan
Facilitate effective care hand-offs through the automated creation of personalized Transition Care Plans
Patient Passport
Create tailored Patient Passport documents specific to your patient’s diagnosis and survivorship care needs
Patient Journey
View a history of your patient’s treatment journey including key events, statuses, and appointment in one central interface
Learning Hub
Supply educational resources based on patient specific diagnosis, state and clinician recommendations
Question Vault
Ensure the right specialist responds to patient inquries, while generating a searchable library for future patients
Performance & Regulatory Reporting

Performance & Regulatory Reporting

Streamline your organization’s operations with system generated internal performance reporting and automated data collection for required regional reporting
  • Generate quarterly data and billing reports to fulfill CCO requirements
  • Review MCC attendance, session efficiency, and compliance metrics
  • Create ad-hoc reports to support initiative specific reporting

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